Surely you are interested - what happened to the women who consumed viagra?

When Viagra first appeared in 1996, it garnered a lot of attention and was celebrated as something that could give you an instant erection and allow you to have intercourse throughout the night - the little blue pill became a faithful ally in many bedrooms


And despite being meant for men only, a significant number of women have tried it to experience its magical effects. And while some were amazed at the steep rise in sexual desire, others were disappointed.

Most of the women between the ages of 30 and 50 had a problem with their libido, so it's no wonder that the gentler sex also sought an alternative to a way to increase their sexual desire.

We all would like to have a tablet that solves our problems because it's so simple. Except in this case.
There is absolutely no evidence that viagra works for women. Most importantly it is not even safe to experiment with it.

Viagra is not attributed to women because it has never been tested on them.
If you try to take such a tablet, you are likely to end up with increased body temperature and severe headaches, dizziness and possibly diarrhea.