She has spent a fortune and has increased her lips 20 times, she has no plans to stop!

Bulgarian Andrea Emilova Ivanova, 22, started transforming her look two years ago,because she wanted to have big mouth as possible. She has increased her lips 20 times and still does not plan to stop.

Andrea, who calls herself "Barbie in Real Life", injected hyaluronic acid again last week,which boasted on social media.

I want to have even bigger lips, although doctors think this is enough.However, my doctor told me that he would give me more fillers if I wanted to, but I had to wait at least two months.I love my new mouth - said Andrea, who is now on a "short break". It was difficult for her to eat two or three days after the last operation.

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Andrea is not sure if her lips are the biggest in the world, but she is overjoyed with them. She paid at least 135 pounds for each treatment.

I visited all the clinics in Sofia - she said.

Andrea says she gets a lot of compliments on her lips and looks from different generations around the world.However, many do not like its appearance. She looked completely different before the operations.