She has 2 vaginas and earns huge money: Everyone wants to see what they look like!

Evelyn Miller, a 30-year-old Australian, has been different from other girls since day one.

At birth, she was diagnosed with a double uterus (uterus Didelphis

Evelyn not only has two uteri, but also two vaginas, which are fully functional as in "ordinary" women.).

Due to this rare condition, she was in the spotlight from an early age, and later many indecent offers from men followed…

Since this kind of "attention" did not bother her, Evelyn decided to become an escort later.

"It suited me to be a sex worker. "I used one vagina for work and the other, which I liked more for my personal life," jokes Evelyn, who today is a real Instagram star.

As she says, in the beginning, she was a little shy about her condition, primarily because of the reaction of the "clients".

"It happened that they thought I had changed my gender, so there was a 'mistake.' Some even behaved like gynecologists, so they examined the condition "down there" in detail, Evelyn said.

Although very open, Evelyn never shows this part of her body on social media but talks about what life looks like with two vaginas.

Medicine still does not have a precise explanation for why such "anomalies" sometimes occur.

What is known is that such women find it extremely difficult to conceive and have a child. Premature birth is also not uncommon.