She claims to be sex addicted and that her boyfriend will leave her because: "I literally knock down him in bed"

31-year-old Tracy from the UK thinks she is addicted to sex and worries that she will lose her boyfriend who has left her several times - for that very reason.


In the show "Sex Clinic", she revealed that she loves her job as a personal trainer because she works from home so she can masturbate during breaks up to three times a day. But her boyfriend finds this situation very difficult, so they have broken their two-year relationship several times.
"I suppose it affects our relationship, and I don't want that. He feels bad when I mention masturbation and thinks I have replaced it. I feel that the atmosphere that once existed between us is changing, ”says Tracy.

"He is three years younger than me and at first I was worried that I was old for him. Although we initially had sex several times a day, he now finds that my desire for sex is a bit overwhelming for him. It lasted for five months - I literally ruined it in bed, ”she added.

Tracy says she can't sleep at night unless she has an orgasm.

"Without it, I'm very moody, miserable and tense. My partner is sad if it doesn't satisfy me, but I like our sex. I always want more and more. "
She claims she never betrayed the boyfriend, nor would she because she says she can be controlled. The sex therapist who talked to her says that the definition of addiction is when someone has no control over what she is doing, until the moment it begins to harm her life, and Tracy claims she is not addicted and should not worry.