Seven places where WOMEN DREAM to have Sex

 Although most people make love in bed, female fantasies include some other locations for intimate intercourse.

The bed then becomes the last place where they could imagine this act when they are overwhelmed by a passion for their partner.

The survey conducted on 3,000 women about the places where they want to have sex, singles out a list of 7 places where they would most like to make love.

On the stairs

Believe it or not, stairs are number one where women would most like to have sex. It remains unclear why, but it is thought to be a result of the excitement that arises because they can be caught.

On the beach

In second place is the beach, quite expected, but always tempting.

At an event

Sex at an event where there are a lot of people and the charm of everything is finding a hidden place where no one will find you.

On a plane

A common movie scene that attracts many to reality. First, she sneaks up to the toilet, and then he, but again everyone knows what is happening.

In the garage

Female fantasies often include a handsome car mechanic who came to fix a car.

In the yard

Yes, it is part of the house, but it is outside again, and the tension increases with the fact that they can see you

In the office

Frequent female fantasies are about a colleague with whom at one point they are left alone in the office.