Long And Stylish Vintage Nylon Stocking

The close-fitting elastic garment is covering the foot and the lower part of the leg emote a chic and appealing look for any woman. Actually the word stock means the bottom 'stump' part of the body.

Photo credit: ejmc via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

In today's time, the women's hosiery is shaped into two pieces, that is, one for each leg. Stockings are different from the holdups, which stay up on their own. Whereas, the stockings are supported by a suspender belt and have many advantages which include:
  • The exposed stockings enable the user to maintain cleanliness and increase ventilation. It reduces the growth of fungus and bacteria and results in less sweating. 
  • It is very convenient to use the toilet while you are in your stocking. 
  • As more detail is involved it aids to stimulate an erotic desire.
A vintage nylon stocking can be worn in various styles to make it appear very sexy and enticing. Women commonly use Garner belts that go round the waist and the extensions that dangle are clipped to the top of the stockings.

You can also use the trendy "stay up" process. Here the inside of the top of the stockings has a band of elastic to support it. The material is so tight that it resists the stocking from being slipping.

The last and the least used stocking is the circular elastic garter that is slipped up the stockings and is intended to hold the stocking to the leg. But this is as uncomfortable as the "stay-ups".

The most convenient way of wearing stocking is to just wear panties over the stockings and garter. If your panty is quite big then it pins the garter to the body. But it is totally upon you whether to wear the panty on or underneath.

Modern Vintage Stockings

The Vintage stockings were introduced in the year 1940. The silk and trendy hosiery again got exposure in the World's Fair and the wrestled to get a pair of Nylon stockings only to grace their beautiful legs. The Modern stockings are of varied shapes and hues.

  • The typical vintage stocking can be defined as a close-fitting elastic garment that covers the feet and the middle part of the thigh. The stocking is held by a suspender belt.
  • Vintage stocking heightens the sex appeal of the legs and the butts, which is more exposed and looks very seductive.
  • The vintage stockings enable you to feel more easy and comfortable and it becomes quite hassle-free to go to the bathroom.
With the introduction of Pantyhose in the year in the 1960s, a new trend in stockings commenced. The pantyhose are available in multifarious styles, which includes reinforced toe, ultra sheer, sheer, sandal toe and many more. The pantyhose and tops are beautifully designed to fit the body carve. It trims down your tummy, rear, and hips thus, enabling you to appear in sexy and beautiful shape.

It is recommendable to use the anti cellulite pantyhose. Since, micro beads are embedded in the fabrics, this helps to reduce your cellulite appearance. Even after five washings the beads remain intact and the stockings not only tone down your legs but also renders a sleeker look.

Brands, Materials and Prices

If you have any fetish for any particular brand then you can wear it as you like.

Different types of materials are used for different stockings. Some are sheer materials and some are opaque material. During daytime prefer to use sheer kind of stockings as because thick stockings in the daytime appear dark and heavy. Whereas, you can wear heavy pantyhose during nighttime.

The prices of the stockings vary and depend on the type of stocking you intend to purchase. But remember that these types of stockings are not branded. The branded ones can cost you a hoping amount. Jockey for Her, Hanes and Round the clocl are a few renowned brands.