Fantasies a Women Really Desires

Women have always been a complex being. They have their desires buried deep down .They would love their man to explore their fant@sies. They feel really hesitant to share so we have listed few fant@sies a women would really desire to have.

Couples usually watch videos together but, what if the characters were you or your fantasies? Woman wants her man to appreciate her body cause making a home made tape would seem more exciting . Observing her man yearn for her after watching their own video is truly her fantasy.

Its time for you to tease her, getting playful with her. Women actually fantasise of using toys to slide in them which gives them a feeling of bl!$$. Its a whole a new level and a new dimension in which she would really love to experience bl!$$. Having two tools at a time is a fant@sy for her. She would like to play with both the toys at once.

Getting a warm touch all over the body being blind folded. It would make her eager what your next move would be. Deep breaths and the apex of excitement reach the peak. Who would not love to enjoy that feeling ?Here a lady would be anxious. Men adding a little flavour of m!schief with tactics would add a splendid taste .

Women wants to give her all. Most of the women like to perform a dance for their man. Tant@l!sing him with taking out clothes and an dance would lead your man to admire you . This one reaches on top of the bucket list of fant@sies for a big majority of women.

Giving your man a warm mass@ge. It would give indugence to his sensitive areas. Applying hot oil with playful hand gestures would get your man trigerred and you would receive the same favour. This is a spot on move, works every time.