The first "Corona Free" Pub opens in Ireland: There are 2 conditions if you want to go for a drink

 A bar in western Ireland has announced its opening as the country's first "corona free" pub, where visitors will be tested with a quick test before entering.

At Eileen's Bar, a pub in Ogamor, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Dublin, visitors must first wait in a designated room to be tested for the virus.

The owner of the pub, Donal Byrne, announced on Facebook that only regular visitors will be allowed to enter only if they test negative, but added that they will be able to drink where they are waiting for testing and while waiting for the result.

Visitors themselves bear the costs of the test, which will cost 10 euros, and it will be performed from 17:00 to 19:00.

"The cost of testing is higher than that, but Eileen's Bar is happy to cover the difference to ensure our staff and guests are safe and sound," Byrne wrote on Facebook.

In the pub, visitors will have to follow the official health recommendations for restaurants and pubs, from sitting at tables to maintaining a distance between visitors.

In Ireland, only food bars are allowed to operate, which has angered the owners of 3,500 pubs that do not offer food.

"I do not serve food and food, as we know, does not stop or prevent you from getting Covid-19," Byrne said.