10 Things We Touch Daily That Transmit Coronavirus

Coronavirus is transmitted by droplets when the person sneezes or coughs and can survive for several hours or days on the surface. Many factors influence this, such as surface materials and temperature.

The following items that we touch daily can transmit this infection:



The money is transferred from hand to hand and can collect all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

The tip is to always wash your hands thoroughly when you touch money. It may be best to use contactless payment to avoid touching the money.


Touching the door handles almost can not be avoided. Whenever you touch a door handle with a high frequency of people, wash your hands, and thoroughly clean these surfaces in the apartment with a disinfectant.

Mobile phone

Researchers recently discovered that mobile devices can be dirtier than a shell. By touching the phone with dirty hands, you carry many bacteria and viruses. Wipe your phone with alcohol daily during coronavirus.



ATM buttons are touched by many people throughout the day, which increases the risk of coronavirus spreading.

The kitchen at work

Coffee machines are also used by many people, so it is best to wipe them with an antibacterial wipe before using them

The buttons in the elevator

Elevator buttons potentially touch hundreds of people daily, so they can pose a threat to coronavirus transmission.

Escalators, bureaus

Like the elevator buttons, these surfaces are potentially touched by hundreds of people daily. If you are in public transport, there is no theory not to touch these surfaces, and then disinfect your hands afterward.


Public toilets

This is a place that can potentially transmit the virus through the door handles and other surfaces that reach a large number of people. Many toilets are used to dry the nose when the virus reaches all the surfaces mentioned.

Hospitals and Health Homes

After visiting the hospital, do not forget to wash your hands as they are an ideal place to develop the virus. Surgery is one of the most common ways in which the virus spreads to the hospital.


Planes are visited by a large number of people who touch the seats, toilet, reading material, trays, benches in front of seats ... These surfaces can be risky areas for virus transmission, so it is best to disinfect your hands as soon as they enter the plane.