Why do people all over the world burn thousands of dollars worth of sneakers?

The whole world goes crazy over the footage that destroys valuable sneakers.

The "Supreme" shoes these days appear on recordings burning all over the world.

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Do you know why?

One of the most popular models of sneakers in this fashion line, primarily designed for skaters that cost around $ 1,000, these days they appear daily on video clips as they burn, chop or otherwise destroy them.

"Execution" videos flooded social networks.

Why do people ruin this brand?

Is it a rebellion against consumerism and capitalism? Not really. In fact the reason is very banal.

As Gianmarco Garofalo, one of the creators of these bizarre videos, discovered, the reason is pure entertainment and the likes of social networking.

"Destroying something worth a thousand dollars is considered extremely fun by people. They want to see footage of burning sneakers because they can't afford it themselves, "he explained.

Otherwise, besides the sneakers they also light expensive t-shirts, trainers and the like.