The most attractive men on the planet live in these 5 cities - here's the top one

The team from the Traveler's Digest portal compiled a list of 5 cities in which you can see the world's most attractive men.


1. Stockholm (Sweden)

There are stereotypes that emotionally distant men live there, but their Nordic attributes and extraordinary height cannot be ruled out. The average man in Stockholm is always flawlessly dressed and a hedonist who enjoys food, fashion, and national culture.

2. New York (USA)

It is considered one of the most exciting cities in the world where multiculturalism provides a long list of attractive men.

3. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

They are taller than average Europeans, sophisticated dressed and genuine gentlemen. They are very kind and communicative.


4. Lisbon (Portugal)

They strive to be versatile, educated and great patriots. They are generally tall, sporty and charismatic. They greatly appreciate people who like to improvise and seduce.

5. Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Argentine women are considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but men also do not lag behind. They are sexy, sensual, they can play tango, and besides, they are passionate sports lovers and educated.