Iris Is Dating 45 Year Younger Man "Once we met we made love and now everyone condemns me"

English retiree Iris Jones, 80, is planning a wedding with her Egyptian boyfriend Mohamed Irbiham, 35, whom she met via social networking site Facebook, though she is 10 years older than her mother.


Iris fell in love with him on Facebook, and the first time they met they fell in love. In time, the difference in age became insignificant. After four days of socializing, they decided to get married in Cairo but did not have the necessary documents. Iris insists on returning to Egypt despite opposition from their families

She defends her partner by arguing that it is not because of the money or the desire to get a British visa.

"If he wants to marry me for my money then he will be disappointed because I only live on my pension," she said, adding that she told him immediately that their relationship should be built on honesty.

"While I was in Egypt we went to all the most expensive restaurants and split all our bills in half. He told me he wanted to sign a marriage contract because I was the one who wanted it, not my house, "Iris said.

She discovered that she had long wanted to make other people happy, but now she finally wanted to be with only one person she loved.

"I was surprised at how high it was. The first time we met he just hugged me so strongly, "said Iris.

As she says, a few hours later they immediately made love. For her, the experience was unforgettable, saying she felt like a virgin.

Iris lives on a £ 200 pension a week.

"This has nothing to do with money. Money is not everything, they cannot buy you happiness. Love knows no bounds. Iris and I understand each other very well and complement each other well. I am not interested in what others think of us but I am interested in what I feel. Iris is beautiful and passionate, "Mohammed said.