For a perfect butt: 30 exercises that you need to do on a daily basis

A curved and firm butt is a dream of every girl and a passion for men, so it is no wonder that the main fitness task is often the work of the buttocks. But forget about the bulky handouts in the gym, hard and long-lasting training - there is a shorter path to the goal.

These are short and effective training that you can perform in the comfort of your home, or wherever you like. You need only a few minutes a day, but also good faith, perseverance, and determination not to give up.

If you do these exercises for less than 30 days, you will not achieve the desired results, therefore, one month is the optimal time period!

Naturally, the more you are persistent, the effect will be visible and better. It's a combination of a few simple exercises that you can easily perform without professional help.

However, attention!

For these exercises a certain fitness is needed, before each exercise, it would be good to make several warm-up exercises.

For a detailed explanation of these exercises and how they are performed, see the video below.