Why Married Womens Cheating On Husbands?!

Why do people who are married cheat? So far, the disappearance of love and anger might be the first reasons that you can think of. But according to a new study, women who are unhappy married spouses cheat because of the lack of sex at home.

The website Ashley Madison, which people in marriage provides an opportunity to find a partner for an affair, she tried to answer the question of why married people cheat at all. The results showed that as many as one in five women who are unhappy in marriage faced with a lack of sex with a partner reports the Huffington Post.

Namely, 22 percent of US women in the study admitted that they had no relationship with their spouse at all. In other parts of the world, these figures were somewhat lower, but the same answer to that found 18 percent of women in the UK, 16 percent in Hong Kong, 12 percent in Spain, nine percent from France, eight percent from Italy and eight percent of Brazil.

Married couples in the United States face the same dilemmas as married persons in other countries when it comes to sexual activity. But our study has shown that nearly every fifth unhappy married woman in the United States is married without sex.