La’Tecia Thomas With Her Fat But Sexy Curves.

La’Tecia Thomas is model who inspires everyone with her pictures because the way she cares her self is so beautiful to see. she is fat but nobody can’t say that after seeing her sensual curves anyone can fall in love with her.

Charm is stronger than beauty which is true in case of gorgeous La’Tecia Thomas, Curves are like La’Tecia,’ Thomas inspiring story of a plus-size model, she doesn’t believe in photoshop at all she believes true beauty is how you see you see your self, not others.
La’Tecia Thomas thinks that fat doesn’t mean that you cant look pretty she is a living inspiring example to look beautiful when you are fat. who is an Australian model? She finds retouched photos absurd and is comfortable with her size 16.
La’Tecia Thomas faced confidence issues in the past. But changed her attitude to love her body again. La’Tecia Thomas admitted that as a size six she used to exercise for three hours every day and lived on a very restrictive diet, but now she is much happier that she lives a more balanced lifestyle.
La’Tecia doesn’t think about anyone else she always lessons to heart and she always does thinks which she thinks is right.
she, not just a model a makeup artist, she is inspiring women for every single who thinks she is fat and she can’t look good. so whenever you think that you are getting a fat comeback and have a look at a look at her mesmerizing pictures. so that you will always get inspired by her amazing curves and sensual pictures.