Plus Size Youtuber Shuts Down Body Shamers Whith Her‘FAT GIRL SUMMER DRESS CODE’

When it comes to summer dressing, it embarks that all someone wants to talk concerning is what you should and shouldn’t be wearing chase to your body type, specifically when you’re plus size.

You know, comments like “plus-size women shouldn’t wear strapless tops”; ”plus-size women can’t wear anything that shows some leg“; or ”plus-size women must only wear baggy, shapeless garb that conceals every curve on their bodies.”

Well, one YouTuber is putting two-fingers up to all that with her too own ‘Fat Girl Summer Dress Code.’

As someone who has been overweight for several summers in a row, style vlogger Loey Lane is used to being told what she is and isn’t allowed to wear and decided to share a video with her one million followers to hilariously closed body shamers.

In seven minutes of perfect sarcasm, Lane expertly quips at the idea of anyone over a certain size wearing shorts, rocking crop tops, sports bras, and two-piece bathing suits instead suggesting that they opt for a simple summer Toilette of turtlenecks, jeans and maybe, further a brown bale to inhibit offending anyone.

“You are completely expected to spend the entire summer in full-length leggings and/or jeans,” she says.

“It’s still nice to wear a turtleneck and leggings — perhaps another change of leggings over the leggings too, just so you’re not shew any signs of any kind of cellulite, under those.”

“Yeah, this dress code doesn’t seem like a great idea at all. … It’s hot outside,” she concludes.

“If you’re fat, wear whatsoever you want. If you’re thin, wear whatsoever you want. If you are really fit and really in shape, wear whatsoever you want. If you’re a man, wear whatsoever you want. If you’re a human who doesn’t identify as anything, wear whatsoever you want.”