Japanese apple for hangover, beauty and health

Japanese apple is traditional food in Japan, although they originate from China.

Vitamins and minerals

They are rich with vitamin C and consuming it regularly you’ll protect and strengthen your immunity from the viruses and infections throughout the winter period. These apples contain minerals which improve the proliferation of red blood cells and they also help in cancer prevention.

The low amount of fat and calories make the Japanese apple desirable by the ones who prefer healthy, not fatty food.

Face mask

They are very good for your skin and you can use them as face masks. Peel away the apple and mix the peeled apple with lemon juice and put the mixture on your face(hold it for 5-10 minutes and then wash it). Your face will look much better after several usage times.

The Japanese apple relieves the hangover too. Eat it if you had a tough night with alcohol


You should consume it fresh when it’s a bit soft. You can use it for making a pie and as an addition to rice, it’s excellent.