Female Abs - Tips And Advice

The female abs searcher should be careful of too much ripple effect because a woman’s natural extra fat layer can cause a more bulky look. Instead, Go for the more sleek and softly toned look that is quite appealing on women in general. Besides, your abs don’t appear much bigger when you struggle with those mind bending sit-ups anyway.

Going to workouts regularly will get you to lose some fat in the middle area so worrisome to many women and you can also work on those love handles. Just take it easy when you are first beginning.

To trim down the tummy fat you simply need to stop eating all the fast foods and the things that can cause plaque build up on your arteries. Work on reducing your carbs, salt and alcohol content. Along with feeling better physically and mentally you will step up your metabolism along with your energy. Green teas and caffeine, it is thought, will get your metabolism moving faster, which, in turn will get the fat burning up faster.

To perform ab crunches you should do them in a slow and controlled manner, gripping the muscles, breathing deeply as you grip. You should lay with your back on the ground, with legs slightly bent at the knee, feet positioned flat on the carpet, hands clasped together behind your head. When you bring yourself up, cross your right elbow to the left knee, then go back to the prone position. You would then do it all over again with the other elbow and knee.

If you want to target the lower back more, then you can do leg raises which are also a good workout for the abs. Just position yourself on your back with hands again clasped in back of the head, legs closely held together and sticking straight out. With both legs together lift them about 4 inches off the ground, tensing the muscles as you go, then slowly lower them back down to the floor. Do repeat sets of 10, take a break, then do another ten. You will definitely feel this exercise in your abs and when you do then make sure you eat more bananas.

Getting the rest of your body in shape along with your abs will involve running, cycling, swimming and that all can be easily done in the gym of your choice. Just remember to take it easy at first and don’t overdo the workout in your exuberance when you’re starting out – otherwise you will get rewarded with sore muscles on the following day.

Shoulders, wrists, and arms can be built up with the famous push ups that you are taught in high school. Chin ups are an excellent way to tone the upper arms, but do be careful as too many reps will cause your muscles to get sore and stiff the next day, which doesn’t do much toward inspiring you to go back for more.

It’s important to keep your body well-hydrated and replenished after a workout, which you can do with fresh juice, protein shakes and bananas which allow your muscles to rebuild themselves. You should also alternate ab exercises and stagger the days that you will do your workout. Staying in shape is not hard, but if you’re interested in playing sports such as tennis, it’s a good idea to build your strength and stamina up. Tennis, like most sports, will definitely keep you in shape and on your toes!