10 Weird Jobs That Pay Well

10 Odd Jobs You Have Probably Never Heard Before, That Pay A Surprisingly High Amount
Of Money.

10. Water Slide Tester: $30,000.
These people travel all over the world enjoying water slides all day long.

9. Obscure Stunt Testers: $800 Per Day.
Otherwise called gross stunt testers, these are the persons who try out dark and unappetizing
food, to ensure they're alright to eat.

8. Paper Towel Sniffer: $19,000 To $52,000.
While the title sounds totally made up, really it is a job. Paper towel companies don't need
their items to have any unmistakable scent, whether great or awful, so they hire people
to do a sniff test for them.

7. Master Sommelier: $80,000.
These wine authorities are tasked with helping a restaurant, pair dinners with the right
sort of wine. A noteworthy in addition to: getting the opportunity to taste-test wine
throughout the day. Hard to beat that as an advantage.

6. Ethical Computer Hacker: $24,760 To $132,322.
It may seem like a crazy, ethical hackers are hired by an organization or company, to
alter any issues by hacking into the PC framework, like the way a criminal hacker would.

5. Oil & Gas Diver: $80,000.
The job frequently obliges divers to investigate oil rigs, lay pipes and weld, all while underwater.
This can be dangerous, but the view would unquestionably be one of its kind.

4 Pet Food Taster: $40,000.
Pet food tasters ensure that the food our pets eat has a nice taste, and contains all
the ingredients written on the label.

3. Food Stylist: $33,000 To $58,000.
Food stylists come in after the food is ready, and make it beautifully presentable.

2. Professional Snuggler: $60 per hour.
Not to be mistaken for prostitution, snugglers just give you a decent snuggle for up to one
and a half hour. For overnight snuggle sessions, the customer is urged to bring their own particular snacks.

1. S3x Toy Tester: $39,000.
Companies hire people, to done this job from home for them. "test" out the gear.