Let Your Lips Speek Their Nature

Lips are the most important part of a woman’s makeup. Even if a woman hardly wears makeup at all, she will usually wear a little lipstick. Due to this fact, the lipstick industry is an enormous one, which proposes numerous choices of colors and brands.

To peak a little deeper inside this maze we’ll start by mentioning the most common lipstick types around

Sheer lipsticks are easily wearable on a daily basis. Some brands have gloss incorporated into them, which adds an attractive shine. These lipsticks tend to have low duration periods and need to be reapplied during the day.
Matte lipsticks are, as the name suggests, opaque in color and as a general rule, do not shine at all. They are often categorized as “long-lasting” or “resistant” lipsticks, which render nice, solid colors in a wide range of tones, easily worn by women who don’t like to have to reapply their lipstick many times a day. Often a top layer of gloss is added which increases their beauty.

Creme lipsticks are shiny, bright and eye-attracting and go perfectly with evening and party attire. They can in general be worn on their own, without the use of added gloss. These lipsticks don’t tend to have lasting duration, but they will feel great on your lips because of their creamy texture.

Stains are the last, but not least, category and can’t actually be called lipstick because they don’t come as a stick, but rather as a fluid with a lip brush included. A good quality lip-stainer can sometimes be more expensive than regular lipsticks but they have the advantage of offering longer lasting results.

Glosses are one means to modify lipsticks and they can make a big difference when applied to an otherwise fade or dry color. They will make the other lipstick slightly creamier and breathe another breath of life into it.

Recently, a new trend has started, which is called 3D. At first glance 3D lipsticks look like lip gloss but with deeper investigation their real mystery is discovered. Ordinary lip gloss is a little liquid, and is measured according to shininess, with the maximum shiny ones being known to get a little goopy. The 3D sticks on the other hand have a very sticky texture, but produce an intense brilliance that can only be compared to cinema-type lips.

Mixing lipstick colors is a good way to use up older products which are still good. A deep purple matte lipstick can be mixed with a red crème lipstick, and this will give life to the purple one so that it no longer appears dull. Another example of something new is the application of a slightly different color on the top lip than on the bottom one making a unique and attractive combination of colors.

Don’t limit yourself to one possibility because countless methods exist and trying them out can be an enjoyable and fun use of the imagination. Also, remember never throw away lipsticks, because they can always come in handy at some future time to bring the added beauty to your lips that you desire.