How To Excite Him More

Make your bedroom time more exciting with this tips

Your Voice - Nothing can excite him more but your voice for the pleasure you are having when he makes love to you. Let him know how much you enjoy when his fingers touches your skin.

Clothes That Reveal - When you gonna start wearing something revealing in front of him, it will automatically excites him. Showing your cleavage, start wearing hot pants or short tops and skirts will turn him on. All you need to keep in mind is you need to act innocent by wearing such clothes. Everything else will happen on its own.

Send Him Sexy Pictures - To arouse your man all you need to do is to make him realize how much you need him. Send him some hot pictures of yours and excite him. Let the pictures be provocative to make for him difficult to concentrate on work.

Strip Tease - The best way to give him a surprise is  planning a strip tease and let him have amazing time with you. It will turn him on in no time.