Video: A professor during an online lecture "catches" students having sex

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many facilities and educational institutions have closed, but schools and companies are still finding ways to work online.

At one university in Sydney, some of the lectures are live, and the other part for self-contained students, online.

Lecturer straight cock-blocked the man smh 😤 Macquarie University
Posted by Talal Alkayal on Tuesday, March 17, 2020
A law professor caught two students having sex during online classes, and the audio of the lecture quickly spread to social networks, reports Mirror.

The professor stopped the lecture for 5 minutes to face the situation and said rather anxiously that she should disinfect her eyes after what she had seen.

 "Let's go to the next lesson .. Oh, God," the professor's voice is heard.

She tells that this was not the first time such a thing had happened during her lectures. Although students who did not see what was going on begged her to find out who it was, she did not.