10 Countries All Single Men Should Visit

10. Belarus
Though a forgotten country in Eastern Europe, Belarus definitely packs a big punch when it come to the women. The women are as cute as they are kind hearted and they are never afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Asking them out for a cup of coffee is one of the easiest things you can because there are so many more women than men, any guy is guaranteed to have a good time.

9. Estonia
Another small, Eastern European gem, Estonia is well worth the visit. The majority of the women are blonde haired, blue eyed bombshells. Even better, there are plenty of them — the women far outnumber the men which is great news if you are guy that is always keeping an eye on the male to female ratio.

8. Armenia
We have all heard of Armenia through the Kardashians, beyond that we all practically draw a blank. However don’t you dare underestimate them for a second, they all carry those dark and mysterious eyes that capture most men in a blur. These girls know how to carry it that is for sure!

7. Serbia

It is not rare to be walking down the streets of Serbia and come across beautiful women everywhere, they are reserved but are known to come out of their shells after getting to know someone. So don’t give up when things seem to be going dull!

6. Croatia
This Balkan country is small but packed with beautiful women who are always looking to meet someone new, simply flash a smile and you will see what I mean. Plus the hot climate provides for and cold winters provides the best of both worlds when touring around looking for girls.

5. Lithuania
A proud Baltic state with a rich history, Lithuania often gets shortchanged for its beauty. It’s also a country with more men than women, and their women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world. Sporting a mix of Northern European and Slavic qualities, most are slim and eye-popping.

4.Puerto Rico
As a gorgeous island nation, it’s not difficult to think of reasons to travel to Puerto Rico. In addition to the beaches, however, the women certainly don’t hurt either. They are easygoing and attractive, and many enjoy dating foreign men.

3. Russia
The combination of the Kremlin and Gorky Park are enough to get most travelers packing their bags. Single men can’t help but notice the women as well, what with their rosy cheeks and thin frames. Russian women are considered some of the most beautiful in the world for a very good reason, and the tourist industry caters to men’s interests.

2. Ukraine
Though the Eastern portion of the country is currently torn by civil war, much of the country is safe and wonderful to travel. The capital Kiev is home to some of the most drop dead gorgeous women in the world. Plus the fact that the ratio of women to men is completely out of whack making it very easy for men to meet other women.

1. Bosnia
Many travelers have never heard of this hidden gem but it is there – Bosnia. The capital Sarajevo is home to some of the most fascinating architecture not to mention an extremely high amount of beautiful women that will keep any single guy busy. Visit Bosnia Now!