The Unknown History And Facts Of Sex Toys

Everything that exists in this world has its own history. Well, we have read everything’s history so far in school, college or in books but you may never hear or read the history of the most creative and needy thing- sex toys. History of sex toys is pretty interesting. So let’s go through a brief history and peek into one of the best inventions of humans.

In 2005, German archaeological scientists found a 28000 years old silkstone dildo which is the oldest phallic batons till date. other toys were made from either limestone bone ivory and even teeth.

Origin of electronic vibrators-
The very first vibrators took place in 1880. Dr. J. Mortimer Granville was the very first one who created the first vibrator so the women don’t have to go through labor pain. Although the cause behind the vibrator was to give pleasure and medical purposes. OTher sex toys of that time were sold as beauty devices and for removing wrinkles.

Toys through edges-
A ventriloquist named Ted Marche was the first man who invented strap dildos in 1960 in America. Although the main reason behind making the strap dildos, so the impotent men can wear them during intercourse and they won’t mind wearing it because they are the one who is wearing it and satisfying their women.

1960 Feminism hit woman globally and especially America. Betty Dodson an artist and sex educator of that time given asked women to masturbate and said it will liberate women. She said women should use the Hitachi woman wand. It was the very first time that sex toys were overly politicised and sex toys were becoming the sign of female power.

Then with time silicon dildos, colorful dildos, rabbit vibrators and hundreds of toys created after that. Today sex toy industry is $15 billion industry. Isn’t the History of sex toys is pretty interesting? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.