The Girl Who Pleasures Herself 300 Times A Day Reveals How She Handles It

To channel her obsession with masturbation this 19-year-old girl devoted herself to undressing and self-indulging in front of cameras and began her career.

American Chloe enjoys solo performances about a hundred times a day, and by doing what she does in her bedroom in front of the cameras she earns about $ 150,000 a year.

The teen has nearly 180,000 fans and describes her work as "satisfying" and "healing."
Her boyfriend Spencer says he is happy because his girlfriend works as a "webcam girl".
"We always make a story, we always make money," the boy said, adding: "I don't mind watching it with 50 other guys in the room."

Chloe admitted to cameras that she masturbated even 400 to 700 times a day and added: "This kind of heals me because I have a very obsessive tendency towards masturbation which I thought would be a problem for me all my life."