She Sold Her Virginity For 1.2 Million Euros, Now She Reveals How She Will Spend Money

Catherine is a 19-year-old girl who recently sold her virginity for 1.2 million euros via the Cinderella Escorts website, and has now spoken out about the reasons for doing so.


In the site she appears under the name Katya, originally from northeast Ukraine, although she currently living in the United States. She was confirmed a virgin by a doctor, and demanding at least 100,000 euros for her virginity.

This week it was reported that her virginity was bought by a Munich businessman. The second largest bid was one million euros and was offered by a New York lawyer.

A singer from Tokyo offered her 800,000 euros. The names of the bidders and their details will remain secret.

The money that Catherine will receive will be spent on "trips and luxury life". The man who bought her virginity said he was ready to marry her and fund her 8,500 euros each month.

In order to offer their virginity the girls must first go to a doctor and confirm that they are virgins.

For men to act in that action, they must prove that they have at least 10 million euros in the account. Everyone who wants to compensate for a certain girl must pass ten percent of the minimum index as an advance.