She earned 10 euros per hour - a photo of Georgina appeared while she was not with Ronaldo

Georgina Rodriguez (26)'s life changed completely four years ago when she met footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (35).

The then Real Madrid star entered the Gucci store where Georgina worked as a sales assistant and earned 10 euros per hour.

Here is a rare photo of Georgina working as a sales assistant.

The first thing you notice in the photo is Georgina's oily hair that she has tied, but it can be noticed that she has smaller breasts than today.

The only thing she had then, apart from the beautiful face, is her buttocks.

However, in four years not many things changed in her life, she only implanted silicones, and it is obvious that she had other surgeries on her face.

She has always stated that she wants to make money: “I want to make money on my own and I do not want anyone to give me anything. "If I can buy something cheap, I do."