The Russian surprised the world: "Ronaldo wants younger boys, and the relationship with Irina Shayk was the most common lie"

In a recent interview, Russian Piotr Listerman, owner of the VIP dating agency, talked about the period when Cristiano Ronaldo was in a relationship with the Russian Irina Shayk.

Piotr spoke to Russian media about the love life of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and pointed out that he had previously been in a relationship with Irina Shayk only to hide his dark side.

Today, Ronaldo is in a relationship with Georgina Rodriguez, but the Russian claims that the Portuguese is someone who loves men and is probably aware of how serious the accusations he made are.

"I met Ronaldo and Irina. He needed cover because he loves young men. Their relationship was mutually beneficial. "Irina needed popularity, and she got it from him, while Ronaldo did not want to disappoint his fans, so he decided to find a wife," Listerman told the Gordonua portal.

"There was no relationship between Ronaldo and Irina. And even if there was, it was accidental. Basically, they both played roles. "On the other hand, I received $ 100,000 in compensation for connecting them," he revealed.

The Russian media call Listerman a "macro", and since 2000 he has owned a dating agency and claims to work with the biggest businessmen, but also with various celebrities.