Steve Jobs's recipe for happiness and success!

 His words are quoted today.Steve Jobs knows the right recipe for happiness and a successful life,and all the wisdom is hidden in these 4 tips. Read his words carefully.

1. Success always hides above fear

On a daily basis, people allow doubts and uncertainties to take their ideas into work.The fear of the unknown and the fear of success often stop many peoples.When you get rid of that paralyzing fear, success is inevitable.If you do not try, you do not know how much you can.

2. I am sure that the only thing that distinguishes successful and happy people from unsuccessful ones is persistence

All plans and dreams come true only if there is persistence.Unless you are willing to give 110 percent of yourself, you will never be successful.

3. My business model is borrowed from the Beatles, and I apply it in real life

The four guys who supported each other.This is my principle of action:You can't achieve great success on your own, so you need a team.This also applies to private life.Surround yourself with positive people, people who get the best out of you,besides which you feel good. Only then will you have a nice and happy life.

4. Not all good things in life can be bought with money. Time is the most precious resource in life

Nobody knows how much time there is, so make the most of it every day.Do things that make you happy and bring a smile back to your face.The biggest mistake is that people think there is time for everything and often put things off,they do not realize that time passes quickly, and with it the good opportunities.