The woman with the biggest breasts in Great Britain: "I can not reach the steering wheel"

 Leah Parker from London says she is proud to have the "biggest breasts" in the UK at the age of 25 and that she earns over 10,000 pounds on modeling because of them.


Although she loves her big breasts, and accepts them as part of herself, Leah still complains that her daily life is difficult.

He states that he can not reach the steering wheel, to run, that she must sleep with a pillow on his stomach.

She also says that some men give her negative comments and that "her mother should be ashamed"

But Leah does not allow the comments to change her mind, because she is proud of her body and earns a lot from it.

"I had five surgeries, I paid for the first one myself," said Lea, who is about 160 centimeters tall.
Leah says that she has always had big breasts, and that it bothered her when she was a teenager, but that now she has fully accepted them.

"Men in my industry adore them, and big breasts have become part of my brand," she said.

She says that she have back and shoulder pain and that she goes to the gym to stay strong, but also that she will go for breast reduction surgery when she will stop modeling.