Women Who Love Yoga Cheat The Most

Exactly 2,000 recreational athletes took part in the research on the online dating platform "Illicit Encounters". The results show that women who practice yoga as a hobby are more likely to cheat.

Of the respondents who said they were involved in the sport of hobby and that they had at least one adventure, exactly 1,168 out of 2,000 women answered that they practice yoga.

Furthermore, 78% of those with this hobby said that it improved their sex life, and 52% of them admitted that they had cheated on their partner at least once.

In the second place, in that sense, are the women who run away from their problems by running around the neighborhood. Twenty percent of them cheated on their partner. In third place are tennis players, followed by those who go to the gym, swimming, cycling and the rest are two percent.

Furthermore, 12 percent of respondents said they opted for a hobby just to spend less time with their partner. On the same issue, 26 percent said they wanted to try something new, 10 percent said they were influenced by her new partner, and 8 percent said they wanted to lose weight. About six percent see it as a new way to relieve stress.