Coronavirus Threat To The Production Of Condoms

The company Karex BHD, which is considered one of the world's largest condom manufacturers, has stopped production due to coronavirus. It could also mean reducing the number of sales of another product for everyday use worldwide.

According to the Guardian, the Malaysian company produces one-fifth of the world's condoms. And the plants in the three factories have not been working for a week due to the state of emergency imposed by the government due to the suppression of the coronavirus.

A few days ago, the company received a work permit, but only with 50 percent of the capacity.

Compared to Southeast Asia, Malaysia is among the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus. The number infected is 2,161, and 26 have died. The corona crisis in this country should last at least until April 14.

Other important countries in terms of condom production are China, where the spread of coronavirus has started, as well as India and Thailand, where the infection is on the rise.