This millionaire is looking for a wife, and these are the 8 conditions she must fulfills

Andy Scott, 41, of Plymouth, made his first million when he was just 26 years old. But he continued to grow his fortune so at age 30 he was left with nothing due to the economic crisis


However, he managed to "rise from the ashes" and rebuild an empire, and now says he can finally devote himself to other things, that is, he wants to start a family, but requires a good girlfriend for marriage.

He says he needs a "special person" who can spend the summer cruising the Mediterranean and winter in the Alps.

“I want a family, but it's hard to find someone who meets my criteria. My therapist told me that if I tried to look for a wife as I did in my job I would surely find the right one, "Andy told the media.

What does Andy want from his partner? His list looks like this:

- An intelligent, simple girl who does not take herself too seriously and has an interesting life and has succeeded in something.

- A woman who was not born with a "golden spoon in her mouth" who achieved something herself.

- A woman who looks at what she looks like. You must exercise five times a week and be proud of your appearance.

- A woman who is not dependent on social networks, who can turn off the internet and enjoy real life.

- A woman who is worthy of my trust.

- A chameleon who can handle all situations and who can attend both gala events and teenage parties. A woman who can be serious but also like a child.

- A woman who loves nature and walks, water and sailing and does not act like a princess but can adapt to any conditions.

- A woman who wants to have a family and children, but also to know that life does not end when she gives birth to children and that family life must and should be interesting and full of adventure.