How To Please A Man Without Giving Him Everything You Got

There is a trick to get a man to feel that he can't live without you. This happens when you learn to use your innate feminine charm to keep a man excited and curious. Feminine charm is one of the most unknown secret for women to get men to devote to a long-term relationship.

Feminine women are unlike most other women out there who have no clue what men think, need and truly want. Men will never be bored of an authentic feminine woman. And the best thing is, when you understand how to be feminine, you don't have to be skinny, a supermodel, or a diva. A man can only commit and love an authentic feminine woman. And the good news is that any woman can learn to be feminine.

See, we are all so afraid of showing who we really are. We might feel that the formal way is the only 'right' way to present ourselves. And too often, our real personalities never get a chance to come out when we go out to meet other people. It is because we are afraid that if we express our true feelings and what we really think, other people would not like us, and criticize and judge us for being different, and not part of the team.

In social sciences, this is called 'conformity', and it is the silent killer of most relationships. It targets everyone as it slowly creeps in by attaching itself to routine habits. It then takes it's time as it drains all loving affection, spontaneous creativity, and innocence. Once the terror of conformity notices your relationship is about to die, it leaves you with nothing but a colorless, monotonous, and boring life.

In other words, in your relationship with a man, what happens is that over time, even though things seem to be great in the beginning, the honeymoon will eventually pass over and life will get routinized. And because of time, nothing about your relationship feels as fresh or exciting anymore. You know each other well, and it might not be as perfect as you had imagined it to be. If you're at this stage, you need to take action or things will get worse.

The practical way to fix this is to open your eyes and look around. Look at nature. Everything in nature is unique and different. The willow tree looks similar but is completely different to the oak tree. Men and women sometimes look similar but are totally different when it comes to the way we think and communicate. The ocean is always different, the animals that live there are each unique and one of a kind.

The point is, it's unnatural for us to try to fit in and be the same. It's not possible. We can live differently. When we allow ourselves to experience and express who we are in the moment, we usually rediscover that other people can like us as we are and prefer us real and authentic. And if they don't like us, we don't have to like them either. Being different is a good thing, it's the spice of life particularly in a relationship. You don't want to be married to yourself. Being unique allows your man to be more curious about you, and any woman can do that.