The Most Misconceptions And Facts About Sex

What comes to your mind when someone talks about sex or lovemaking? A pleasure feeling right? Love making is probably the most delicate and sensitive things that you can ever imagine as it needs a lot of practice in sex.

There are some Misconceptions And Facts About Sex I bet you didn’t know.
Your partner can fake emotions or he/she can imagine someone else while making out. You will not get to know that your partner is fantasizing someone else. But fantasizing someone and making out has a special effect when you’ve indulged in any kind of sexual activity.

Satisfaction does not depend upon the size. That’s truly a myth as there are a lot of people who think that size does matter when you’re making out to give you pleasure but that’s not true. Even science proved it that no penis is big or small for the vagina. You just need practice and feelings for the particular person for the orgasm.

There are some rumors also that men are more active than that of women but that’s also a myth. Women and men are almost same when it comes to sex as both have an equal amount of desire. A man may enter into any relationship but if you’re a woman you need to develop a healthy and emotional kind of relationship to let that man enter into her bedroom.
Many of the people think that a perfect make out is the one where you get an orgasm in the end. But let me tell you it is yet another myth while making out. The best kind of sex is when you can emotionally connect with your partner and after that, you develop a kind of good relationship with your partner.

One of the most important myths is when people think that with a condom you cannot get pleasure as you can get it without a condom. Guys always remember that condoms are made for your safety.

Always wear them as it will prevent you from a lot of things. If you feel that you aren’t getting the exact pleasure you are looking for then you can buy Durex Air Ultra Thin condoms as they are really thin and you won’t feel as if you’re wearing something.