Dating Older Women, Why You Should

Back when I was in primary school-and that does not mean I am a pervert, I would always fantasize about older women, including my teachers. I am sure we all have such experiences. We all have teachers we might have to thing had a thing for us. Such women who prefer dating younger men are known as Cougars or Sugar mummies.

There are many reasons why having a sugar mummy is appealing:

  • She is more mature and that means less fights and drama in the relationship. I am sure everyman dreams of such a relationship.
  • They will accept you for who you are. Don't know Frank Sinatra? It is not such a big deal. On the other hand dealing with a small girl can give you endless head aches.
  • Money is not the issue. Older women will not mind whether you are making peanuts or enough to feed the whole population of your country. They are more into personality as opposed to dollars and cents.

All you need to attract an older woman is:

  • Appreciate her. Recognize her for who she is and what she has done. If she has worked hard to get where she is, give her credit.
  • Be a good conversationalist. If you can make her shake her ribs you way ahead in winning her.
  • Be there for her. Like all women, they love attention, make time to be with her.
  • Show her how much she means to you by showing her off to your friends.

Dating an older woman can be more satisfying than having a girl your age. I am pretty sure of that.