What Women Want

It is so hard to understand women' many men say. It is as if we were a strange
being from somewhere in space that needs a lot of research throughout one's life.
And still, many die without the true understanding of what women want. They make
jokes out of this as if we were this complex being that is almost impossible to
please - but are we really? Is it so extraordinarily hard to please a woman?

If men could only see the amazing beings we are, they would not have a hard time
understanding us at all. We are not as complicated as we seem to be it is just that
we are very emotional beings contrary to men, who live more out of their mind
instead of their heart. Women are more sensitive because of their inclination to their
emotions, or heart.

Women have the ability of feeling each other's pain. We can actually feel sad just
because of the sadness of someone else and this explains why we cry at the movies.
Usually men look at us in that sad moment of the movie and think we are so weakly
minded, but that is not how it is, if they could only see that we are feeling in our
flesh what is going on there...

All we want is a little understanding - that's all! Understanding that we are more
emotional than men and that means we need attention. We need to be loved in a
way that will make our high maintenance heart fulfilled. Some men think they can
show their love by bringing money home and giving us a place to sleep - but that is
so far out from what we really want!

Women want the attention they so eagerly work for. Make-ups, hair-dos, diets,
success, talents we have are just a few signs of how much we wish to have our
men's eyes on us... We will take hours to get dressed for this very reason... We will
close up and quiet down just so our men can come and ask 'what is the matter?'...
We will not call and stay a while out of the map just so someone will ask 'where
were you?'...

It may seem childish and even pathetic, but that is how we were made - emotional
beings fuelled by attention. We love independence and yet we crave for marriage.
We love being considered equal to men in society and yet we eager for consideration
and respect like in the old days.

If any men can understand this much about women, they can say they understand