Tips On Flirting

Flirting comes naturally to some people but some women shy away from it. Women flirt for a variety of reasons. Some do it for fun, and some to initiate or start a courtship or a relationship. Others flirt just to be friendly. Whatever the reason, flirting really is an instinctive part of human nature to express interest in men or the opposite sex.

There are unwritten rules with regards to flirting. But some women are better at it than others. Here are some simple tips to be successful at flirting:

* Be playful – Be positive and have a playful attitude. Go for light and friendly conversations. Be curious and friendly. People are generally attracted to smiling, happy, and positive people.

* Be yourself – It sounds cliche, but true. Although strangers cannot tell the real you immediately, it will soon come out. Some can even tell phonies right from the start. Pretending to be someone you’re not is a turn-off. Whether your goal is friendship or a relationship, being yourself from the start will benefit you in the end.

* Let go of the result – If you really like someone, you tend to appear overexcited and overactive, as if you’re trying too hard. Don’t think about the outcome and just be friendly and attentive.

* Be approachable – Make yourself approachable and send out friendly body signals. Lurking alone in a corner with your arms crossed and with a frown on your face are not the ways to go about it. Smile and make eye contact. When someone offers you a drink, chat them up a bit and do not brush them off.

* Make the first move
– Most men nowadays love it when women approach them first. So you know that you can give it a shot. Sometimes, a situation calls for something different and you can approach them first.

Just remember that flirting is a way of attracting people to you. Be friendly and positive, so you can attract the right kind of men, too. Do not try too hard or be nervous about your actions. Be yourself, be confident. Never mind the small details and just let yourself go.