The Best Sex Positions For Powerful Female Orgasms Every Time

So you may be wondering what are the best sex positions for pleasing your woman? If you read any sex education book, you are likely to find many positions that are hailed as the best and these include the missionary position, doggy style, 69's etc.

However in my opinion, all these sex positions miss the boat because they forget the one thing that makes females orgasm even possible and that is clitoral stimulation.

The problem with all suggested sex positions is that they all seemingly depend on vaginal stimulation to cause a female to orgasm. However vaginal stimulation is the least efficient way to get a woman to orgasm.

In truth, there are two types of female orgasms.

There is clitoral orgasm, which occurs when the clit is stimulated. And then there is vaginal orgasm which occurs when the vagina is directly stimulated.

Most sex guides will focus on vaginal stimulation but very few will even talk about clitoral stimulation!

What some experts fail to realize is that both orgasms depends on the clitoris. So it only makes sense to master the art of clitoral stimulation.

And by reading this short article, you can become a very powerful lover and use the technique I am about to share with you on all sexual positions to make any woman orgasm.

So what is the technique that makes any sexual position better? It is screwing! Now I am not being vulgar, I am simply using the right term! You need to screw whiles penetrating a woman.

Here is how to perform this sex technique: Take any sex position and do not focus on only the penetration aspect of it. Rather when performing any sex act screw with your penis! As your penetrate your partner, screw with your penis clockwise. By screwing you are pressing and stimulating the clitoris which will potentially lead to an explosive female orgasm.

This action of screwing while penetrating during sex will turn average sex positions into masterful female orgasm producers.

So try it next time you are making love to your partner. Simply take any sexual position and add the screwing motion to it. You would have turned average sexual techniques to powerful orgasm producers.

Start with something simple like the missionary position. A simple position like the missionary allows you the skill and time to master this simple method of pleasing a woman.

That is all you need to do to turn all sex positions into powerful female orgasm generating tools.