Studies Confirm 1 Hour Of Running Makes You Live 7 Hours Longer

A great jog to start the day turned out to be a very beneficial exercise. Scientists even made a startling discovery of how running can make someone's life longer. According to their precise calculations, 1 hour of running actually adds another 7 hours of life.

The first study regarding the life extending benefits of running was conducted 3 years ago at Iowa University. Their findings are published here. Their research was updated a month ago and they found more astonishing figures that will make you jog or run after reading this!

Cardiologists and other health experts found out that the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases are lower if a person jogs in a daily basis. According to their calculations, if a person jogs for one hour a day it will be equivalent to 7 hours of extra life. It means that if a person frequently jogs, his lifespan can be extended for months and even years.
The researchers have also concluded that smoking can cancel out the benefits of jogging. It is highly recommended to quit the smoking habit and frequently jog for a longer life.