Sexy Legs

Are you feeling insecure? Do you think you have grown stout hips and thighs? Are you having a boring night life with, perhaps without him? If yes, put an end to these negatives and give a lift to your love life.

Ups and downs are normal in life and love life is no different. We all know the fact "Where there is love there is happiness... " However, this belief turns out to be a great deception sometimes. Especially when your love life is going through a rough phase and its true essence is seemingly dissolving.

Once you realize that your relationship is succumbing to long distances and day-to-day chores, better try something new. Something you have never done before. Allure him towards you in your own way. Bring back the magic and soon you will see the vigor building inside him.

Women are gifted with great body. Nonetheless, it is no crime to add sexy quotient to yourself with marvellous accessories and embellishments. Sexy undergarment is a best thing to try first. If ever there is anything that would allure your man towards you, it would be tights and stockings. These sexy garments will emphasize your shape and curves, and enhance your confidence.

I hope most of you would have realised the need of these seductive sensations by now. Sexy garments indeed come to great rescue during the loveless moments. Once you decide to have a couple of them, spend time in planning a best set of tights and stockings.

Getting into the details now, you will find yourself surrounded with a large collection of tights and stockings. Lighten your heart as you are close to what you actually need. Pamper yourself. Bring that twist to your boring and probably crumbling love life.

Some of the designs that are sure to get your man back are:

· Netted tights & stockings - Fish, ruffle fish-net, diamond, floral, crochet.

· Lace - Faux-lace and faux-fence

· Crocheted criss-cross side, crotch or crotch-less, back with or without bow, with or without back seam, bow lace, corset

· Animal patterns- Dragon tattoo, leopard print etc.

When you shop for stockings, ensure that they come with high quality suspenders. Though there are a few comfort stockings without suspenders, suspenders keep the stockings in place and give extra support to your legs.

Fish-net and lace stockings are susceptible to tear, so make sure they are made of fabric of good percentage Lycra (20 - 25%). This is important to cover up excessive fat and tone your thighs and hips. Also, the more elastic the clothing is, the more enticing and alluring it would be. And it goes without saying, elasticity makes it more durable.