Keep These 4 Things About Your Relationship Secret

Intimate relationships are special because they’re intimate. As soon as you divulge certain aspects of your relationship to a third party, no matter how trustworthy you perceive them to be, that intimacy is diminished. The great thing about being in a serious, romantic relationship is that you share something special with just one other person, maybe even for life. Needless to say, there are certain things about a relationship that you should always keep secret.

Although there are things about a relationship that you can talk about with outside parties, you need to make sure that you aren’t hurting anyone’s feelings by doing so. Put yourself in the position of your partner; ask yourself if what you’re about to say would hurt your feelings if you found out your partner was saying the same thing.
Here are four things about your relationship you should always keep secret…

1. Anything Said in Confidence

This goes without saying, but it’s worth discussing nonetheless.
Anything that your partner says to you in confidence should never be talked about with anyone else. Your partner shouldn’t have to tell you not to say anything either, you should just be able to tell. Many things said in confidence are said in intimate situations, like when you’re alone in bed, which means they shouldn’t leave that moment. Use your best judgement.

2. Anything Regarding Sex

Although some people like to think sex is a casual topic, it really isn’t. When someone asks you about your sex life, they’re really just prying for the sake of their own curiosity, so don’t give them the satisfaction.
Sex is arguably one of the most intimate aspects of a relationship, and when you’re in love, it becomes even more important to keep it between you and your partner. Personally, I wouldn’t want my partner to divulge anything to anyone regarding what goes on in the bedroom.

3. Anything Financial

You and your partner’s current financial situation should always be kept under wraps. Money is something that you shouldn’t talk about at all, even if you’re single, but especially not if it involves somebody else.
Finance is private, which means you have no right to talk about it if it involves more than just yourself. Not only will it give people an intimate look at your private life, but it will also allow people to change their opinions about you and your partner, which is simply unfair.

4. Any Perceived Flaws

If you think your partner has some flaws, that’s for you to decide, not anyone else. Nobody is perfect, so it’s foolish to look for someone who is. However, relationships are about taking the good with the bad, and deciding whether or not you can accept somebody’s flaws for the sake of something more important: the connection. The flaws you perceive in your partner are extremely intimate, which means you should never point them out to someone else.