Honey – The Divine Food For Long Life

Back in ancient Egypt was a symbol of immortality and strength and nowadays is one of the most used natural medicines.

The honey contains different kinds of sugar but the grape and fruit sugar are the main substances. This natural and healthy product contains a lot of protective substances which have therapeutic and preventive effects. The lime honey stimulates sweating and is very good for decreasing body temperature (when you have a fever). However, the most important effects are strengthening your immunity and its anti-cancer effects. You can use these very important purposes of honey in a simple way as putting honey in your cake or drink in order to sweeten it or even to spread it on a slice of bread. It’s recommended to use darker sorts of honey because they contain more antioxidants than the lighter ones.

This gift of nature back in history has been used for beautifying by the wives of pharaohs and the women of the royal families. It was used especially for cleaner and healthier skin. This was one of the famous face masks which is used even nowadays and it’s proven to be very effective:
Just mix 2 soup spoons of honey and 2 soup spoons of milk. Apply the mixture on your face and neck and leave it for about 10 minutes and then wash it with mild water. You will feel your skin much softer and smoother. You can apply this mixture on every dry part of your body like your knees, elbows or your hands.