Failure Is the Only Path to Success

One thing that is common between the successful people and the non-successful people is facing the hard time in the path of success. And there are a lot of things that separates them, their heart, their will, their belief, their attitude and a lot more. Failure is the only path to success, if you can't walk that path you can't succeed simple as that. 

Though the length of path differs for everyone. For some the destination is at a very far end and some reach their destination in a relatively short span of time. But still there is one thing common "Failure". You have to learn to fail if you want to succeed. If you are not failing, that can mean two things, either you are succeeding or you are not trying. If you are succeeding then that is good for you but if not then my second pick would be failing rather than not trying. Fall Ninety-nine times and rise up a hundred times. "I quit" is easy to say but "I failed" is difficult to acknowledge and every one knows doing the right thing is always difficult.

When you look at a successful person, What do you see? A man who has never made mistakes or a man who has learnt from his mistakes. Mistakes are a vital part of learning. Mistakes leads to learning and learning leads to success. 

It's a complete process, one is not achievable without the other. So do make mistakes, as many as you can but after making every mistake, learn from it otherwise you are not going anywhere. You are standing right where you were standing before. There are many hardships and challenges in the path of success and you will always have two choices, either face the challenges and move forward towards your destination or turn your back and move away from what you desire the most.

Failure creates desperation and desperation tries to kills your will, your abilities and your belief. It is the biggest hurdle in your path and you have to go through it. If you can control your desperation, nothing can stop you to complete your journey of success. Desperation can be killed with the same things it tries to kill, your will, your heart and your belief. The stronger will kill the weaker. Now it's all up to you which one you want to keep stronger.