Discover The Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

Do you have a gut feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you but don’t understand how to know if your boyfriends cheating on you? While woman’s intuition is a wonderful thing it is not positive proof that your boyfriend is cheating.

But still, you feel a distance between the two of you and he isn’t treating you the same as he used to but you just can’t put your finger on it.

Your mind says no but your intuition keeps on knocking at the door saying that your boyfriend is cheating.

Exposing a cheating boyfriend is not that difficult. All you need is time and the skill to spot details.

A faithful boyfriend will be devoted to you, but when he starts cheating, he will have to break up his time between you and the other woman.

Let’s look at some of the most common traits of a cheating boyfriend

Phone Calls

Does your boyfriend returning your phone calls sometimes 5 minutes or so after you call?

Did he used to pick up the phone when you used to call but now either it goes to voicemail immediately or his phone is turned off?

Is your boyfriend’s mobile always busy in your absence? This could be a sign that your boyfriend is cheating.


Does your boyfriend call you sometimes when you’re out to see where you are?

Does he specifically ask you where you are? This could be a sign that your boyfriend is cheating.

He could be calling just to make sure that he doesn’t bump into you or see you somewhere that would be out of the ordinary, especially when he is with the other woman.

Lack of intimacy

If your boyfriend doesn’t kiss you with passion anymore, or if he doesn’t seem that excited to become intimate with you, there is a reason behind that.

They are now emotionally and sexually connected with someone else and they are slowly pushing you away because they are unsatisfied with you.


If your boyfriend starts to suddenly complain about you such as you are too talkative or too fat and becomes more demanding such as wanting you to exercise more, then you should be careful.

Even though occasional complaints and demands are natural for any man, if the frequency of complaints and demands increase, then he may be cheating you.

This is an involuntary action of most males. When they start to love some other girl, they start to compare her with you and hence find faults in you.

Coming to terms with the cheating may not solve all of the problems that you encounter, but learning how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you will certainty help to reduce the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that occurs when this betrayal comes to light.

It is actually pretty easy to get solid proof that your boyfriend is cheating if you know where to look.

His cell phone, cell phone records and his computer are full of evidence of his exploits.

You just have to know where to look. Find out how to know if your boyfriends cheating.