Curves And Corsets - What's The Deal

Are you a lady with curves but don't think a corset is for you? Let me let you into a little secret ladies, corsets were made for curves! What is the point in wearing a corset when you are a size 6? Is there actually anything to pull in? Don't get me wrong, I am sure these women still look great in a corset, but let's face it, a size 6 woman has nothing to pull in and ultimately that is what a corset was designed to do, to pull you in. So if you have a curve or two, then you'd look amazing in a corset, it all boils down to confidence and buying the right corset.

A woman who is a size 10 can still have curves, a big bust and hips, just as much as a size 20 woman has curves. A steel boned corset is designed to support larger busts and enhance curves. I am a size 10 but with a 36E bust, wearing a cheap corset gives me zero support and I hate the bendy feeling of the plastc bones the cheap corsets are made of. Be sure to stay away from the cheap eBay corsets for £10, you'll be disappointed when the postman delivers your order.

When I talk of corsets, I mean the real deal, steel boned corsets all the way baby! These corsets are designed to smooth those curves and hold them in place, there is nothing like wearing a good steel boned corset and feeling amazing in it. It helps give you that edge and that sparkle of confidence that not many things can. A bit like wearing your favourite pair of shoes (I am personally a handbag kind of lady) When I step out in heels, my corset, skinny jeans and clutch bag, I am ready to rock the night away!

Steel boned corsets don't hurt, don't let the word 'steel' put you off. The corsets are designed to pull you in, not dig into you. All the bones will be enclosed in a cotton twill and the lining in these corsets should all be cotton too, so they are very comfortable against your skin and won't make you feel sore. The bones in a corset are simply there to help pull you in and keep you in place so to speak. A well made steel boned corset has the ability to pull your waist in by up to 4 to 5 inches, imagine losing that many inches by just putting a corset on? I can't think of any other way to lose those inches that quickly, you even feel slimmer when you take it off after a night out.

Corsets are made for all sizes, so grab your confidence and embrace those curves ladies.