8 Amazing Sex Tricks Men Secretly Wish Women Knew

There are various perceptions about the behavior of men and women. As the saying goes, men are from Mars and women from Venus. This means that men and women cannot totally understand each other. Well that may also be true when it comes to sex. However, there are various sex tricks that many men wish women knew.

1. Guys fear intimacy

Well not for the reason you think. Research indicates that men are more expressive and affectionate than girls during their younger formative years. However, as men grow into adulthood, they begin to be less expressive because of social expectations. As a woman, understand when your partner is not expressive in bed. Men often find it hard to express their feelings and what they want in bed.

2. Men like to be praised

Men are creatures of ego and their libido consumes them to a point where they have no self-consciousness when it comes to sex. However, men are similar to women when it comes to compliments. For men, compliments are catalysts of their sexual ability. Consider praising your man for his sexual prowess and skills, before going to the bedroom and after. Men are sensitive about their belly, the size of their "organs", their receding hairline, and other bodily features. Therefore, be extra careful not to comment insensitively about their insecurities.

3. Men are more than just their penises.

Although the penis gets lots of attention during sex, men have various erogenous zones. Men often do not suggest what women should do during sex. However, there are several areas that men may want women to touch including the chest, face, and inner thighs. Some guys like it when their testicles are gently fondled. Slightly stimulate the area between the anus and scrotum and see how wild your man will become.

4. Men appreciate sex

Most times the cure to men's intimacy issues lies in some throw me down sex. According to sexologists, men love it when women enjoy raw sex. They want women to feel it and not just endure it for their egos. Sometimes, all a man wants is the chance to ravish his woman.

5. Men like it when women talk

By talk, men mean talking dirty or instructing them what to do and praising them as they go along. Talking does more than stimulate men. Sounds funny but a woman's words have a way of making a man feel like he is a warrior even if he is just the regular man on the street.

6. Men love fantasies

The bedroom is a man's domain where he can be anything he wants to be. Most men would want to share their fantasies, but are often afraid that women will judge or shame them. Your man may really love it if you reveal your secret fantasies. You can even make a game out of it. First, promise not to pass judgement then write down scenarios that turn you on and keep them in a box. Pick one paper next time you get cozy and try to fulfill his fantasy.

7. Men enjoy the chase

Men are hunters by nature and a good quest puts them in the mood. Let the man court you and make him desire you. The key to emotional intimacy is being close to your partner. However, maintaining the sexual desire requires a certain degree of space. You can achieve this balance with your man by having separate sexualities. This involves having a sex life that does not include or betray your partner. For a guy, it might mean letting her use toys or being cool with other men looking at her. For a woman, it might involve letting him watch pornography or going to a strip club. Such indulgences can significantly spice up your sex life and make you more attractive to your man.

8. Pornography

Guys can actually explain pornography. Some couples go for relationship counseling once the man has been found watching porn. However, watching pornography is often recommended to people who want to spice up their sex lives. Finding your man watching pornography does not mean that he is addicted to sex. Avoid taking it personally. Find out if watching pornography is a compulsive behavior or if he only responds to sex after pornography. It is also important to discuss the need for watching pornography to eliminate the stigma and negative perceptions associated with watching porn. You may even watch porn together if that would help spice up your sex life.