10 Biggest Turn-Ons For Women - Pick Up Artist Secret Dating Tips

This is the most recent data gathered from our online poll: yes, these are the 10 biggest turn-ons for women.

1. Men who make love in a leisure manner. Those who would spend the time to "master" the art of love-making are what women want to make love with the most. At least spend some time to relax, have a zip of fine wine, softly talk dirty to her, make her relax and have all the fun you can have.

2. Men who are excellent kissers. Yes, doing both the wet ones and the soft ones can get you much further, guys. Not only does she like to have juicy wet kisses with you, but also she would like to have you kiss her all over - the back of her neck, her shoulders, her lower belly, her inner thighs, her feet, her toes...

3. Men who care about how to land the right touch. Yes, you've got to be light, guys. Mix the light touches with some strong ones at times. All the light touches will do the best job of tickling while the strong and firm touches can make her feel how badly you want her. Play with her hair, tease her with your fingers before going for the hot and sensitive spots. You will make her dripping like you both cannot imagine.

4. Men who will go down on her.
Yes, guys, this should be on the top of your "must do" list. Your woman will thank me for telling you this secret. Yes, women like men who will give oral. By the same token, it's a big turn-off for women when they find out you don't give oral to them. You must learn your way down there and make sure to please her with your tongue to the best you can. You will gain her love really quick if you can do that.

5. Men who will give her massages. Yes, body touch when done in an appropriate manner is the key to opening her up. You can count on body touch as one of the most powerful weapons to enter a woman's private world. With the right kind of massages, you can loosen her up and put her into the right kind of mood ready for more and deeper moves from you. Don't know how to do it? Better learn quick or you will regret after seeing how some guys always have all the luck with women...

6. Men who treat every date with the right kind of attitude. Yes, get attitude, guys. Everybody is talking about "Get Attitude" nowadays. If you go on a date with the wrong kind of attitude, or just take things for granted, your woman will pick up these signals and you won't be able to go much further with her on that basis. Better make sure to treat her like a queen with all your gentleman's moves and impress the heck out of her. This is another one of the "sure-win" tactics you must master.

7. Men who are always well prepared and orderly. Don't show up for a party in some inappropriate clothing. Neither go to bed in your worn and torn smelly underwear. Cleanliness and tidiness can always help to make good impression on her especially during the first few months of your relationship. Always try to find out which cologne she likes you to wear and, of course, put on that cologne to let her know that you really care about how to please her. It's the small things that matter here.

8. Men who act like men. Manly men, not womanly men or sissy men. You might like to check and see if you're one of the victims of this thing called "Estrogen Dominance," which is something a lot of men suffer from nowadays.

9. Men who make small passes. Yes, don't underestimate the power of small gestures as a pat on the butt when she's cooking dinner in the kitchen, a phone call of sexy talk in the middle of the day regardless how busy she might be. All these will tell her that you care so much about making her happy and pleased that she will open her heart to you more easily. You've made her feel very special and she will definitely like it a whole lot.

10. Men who will listen and talk to her. Yes, communication is the key to everything, guys. You've got to listen to what she has to tell you and, at least, show some response to let her know that you're really paying attention to her. Yes, I know that women can talk about a lot of "not so necessary" stuffs, but hey, you want to win her heart, right? Then you might as well show some signs of vitality by answering her with some words.