9 Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Butterfly crunches
First, lie on your back, the hands behind your head, and the feet soles as close as possible to your body. Touch the floor, while you contract the abdominal muscle. Breathe out; curl the chest off several inches of the floor toward the legs. Do 10 repetitions.

Side to sideLie on your back, arms at the sides; bend the knees, while your soles touch the floor. Contract the abdomen muscles with the right hand toward the right foot and exhale slowly. Afterwards, go back to the primary position, and repeat the same procedure with the other side. Do 15 repetitions.

Front plankPut your knees and hands on the floor, abdomen and back muscles contracted, and then touch the floor with the forearms and with the feet’s balls. Keep your back straight, the neck relaxed, and the hips upwards. Maintain the position for 3 seconds and go back to the primary position. Do 10 repetitions.
Fingers to toesLie down on the back, arms down at sides, the legs straight. Contract the abdominal muscles, while you crunch up from the waist. The back needs to be on the floor. Do 30 repetitions.

ScissorsLie on your back, the fingers behind the head. Contract the abdominal muscles, and raise your left knee and touch it with the right elbow. Do the same with the right knee and left elbow. Do 30 repetitions with alternations of sides.

Reverse crunch with resistance bandsLie on your back, arms down by the sides, and hold the band ends in each hand. Wrap the bands ends around the shins tops. Elevate the hips and raise the knees toward the chest. Maintain the position for 3 seconds, and do 20 repetitions with the alternation of sides.

Knee upsBrace yourself between backrest of two chairs, bend the elbows a little bit, while the neck needs to be relaxed, the shoulders down, the chest and head lifted up. Tighten the abdominal muscles, slowly breathe out, and lift the knees toward your chest without swinging back and forth. If you cannot maintain the body like this, raise only one knee at a time. Do 45 repetitions.

Leg swingsLie on your back, the legs and feet pointed out and arms by the sides. Bring in the navel toward the spine, and bend the legs to the left side, 5 inches from the floor, and slowly breathe out. Do 45 repetitions.

Ball leg liftLie on your face, with a ball, and roll forward until your hands are on the floor and only the top of the feet flat on the ball. Keep the back and right leg straight, and then slowly lift the leg few inches toward the ceiling. Maintain the position for 3 seconds. Do 10 repetitions, and then change the legs, and then do 10 more.